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3539697 3539698 Mechanical Spare Parts PC220-6 6D102 Korea Turbocharger

3539697 3539698 Mechanical Spare Parts PC220-6 6D102 Korea Turbocharger

    • 3539697 3539698 Mechanical Spare Parts PC220-6 6D102 Korea Turbocharger
    • 3539697 3539698 Mechanical Spare Parts PC220-6 6D102 Korea Turbocharger
  • 3539697 3539698 Mechanical Spare Parts PC220-6 6D102 Korea Turbocharger

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Guangzhou
    Brand Name: ACT
    Certification: ISO/TS 16949:2009
    Model Number: PC220-6 6D102

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1PIECES
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: LEFON packing ,STAL packing or neutral packing
    Delivery Time: 7-10 work days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 50000 pieces per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Brand Name: ACT Certification: ISO/TS 16949:2009
    Place Of Origin: Guangzhou Type: Turbocharger
    Sample Time: About 3-7 Days Color: Same As Photo
    Model NO.: PC220-6 6D102 Part NO.: 3539697/3539698
    High Light:

    desel turbocharger


    holset turbocharger

    Mechanical parts PC220-6 6D102 Korea turbocharger 3539697/3539698



    Detail Description


    Part Name : 3539697/3539698 PC220-6 turbo PC220-6 turbocharger for 6D102

    Applied Machine : PC220-6

    Engine Model : 6D102

    Part No. : 3539697/3539698

    Brand : ACT


    Place of Origin : CHINA


    Payment Term : T/TWestern Union, Secure Payment, Trade Assurance, PayPal


    Means of Transport : By sea, air cargo or DHL, FEDEX, TNT, EMS, UPS etc.

    Packing : Carton


    Packing Size : Export cargo standard


    Delivery Time : 1-3 workdays after received payment



    Company Profile

    Guangzhou Kinglebon Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a specialized in development,production,sales of excavator spare parts of large enterprises,also is a member of china internal com bustion Engine Association Filter Branch,The company mainly go in for production and development all kinds of filters,compressor,alternator and so on for construction machinery,heavy vehicles,agricultural machinery,truck,car,ship and engineering machine etc.Our products made following Quality Management System Standard ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002.The products have exported to south-east Asia Euro-America,and sales to all of our country.Our products depend on excellent quality,reaonable price,best service,get good feedback form customers.

    Our Advantage


    About service:

    1. Before shipping, we will check the goods strictly and ensure it is in good condition.
    2. After shippment, we will fill in the tracking no. in time and leave you a message.
    3. During shipping, we will check the status regularly and tell you.

    About customers' satisfactory:

    1. In our store, 100% positive feedbacks till now
    2. Please give us good feedbacks if you are satisfied with our product
    3. If you are not satisfied after receiving your order, and please Contact us, we will discucss together with you to solve any problems.

    Warm tips for installation turbocharger:

    1. After receiving the goods, please compare with your old item firstly before installation.
    2. Please find a professional technician to install for you.
    3. If any installation problems, you can contact me freely, i will reply upon i see your message.
    Your satisfaction is our pursuit, hope we can cooperate for a long terms.



    More Model For Turbocharger


    Turbo Model Engine Model Part No. Turbo Model Engine Model Part No.
    EC210 D6DEAE VOE 20515585 04294752 20873313 E110 4D31 517585
    EC210B D6DEAE E110B S4K 517903
    EC210 PRIME D6E VOE 20873313 E120 6D14 517903
    EC240 D6DEAE   E120B S4K 49168-00330
    EC260     E225 3304 4N6858
    EC290 D7DEAE2 21109241 E240 6D15 518122
    EC290B PRIME D7E   E240B 3116 49168-01202
    EC360 D12D   E200B S6K 49179-00451 515015
    EC360B D12D   E312B S4K ME518122
    EC460 D12D 11030483 11423397 E320 S6K 49179-02260 ME517952
    EC420       S6A2-MTK TD13L-48F-47.0
    DH220-5 DB58   E320B 3066 49179-02300 ME518018
    DH220-7 DB58   E325 3116  
    DH258 D1146   E325B 3116  
    DH300-5 DX300 D1146   E325C 3116 177-0440
    DH300-7     E330 3306  
    DH320     E330B 3306 219-1909 106-7407
    DH330 D1146T   E330C(air-cooled) 3306 191-5094
    DH350     E330C(water-cooled) 3306  
    R130 4BT3.9   E330D(air-cooled) C9  
    R190 6CT8.3   E330D(water-cooled) C9 216-7815
    R200 6BT5.9(Big hole)   E350 3306  
    R200-5/220-5 6BT5.9(Big hole)   E950/950B 3304 4N6859
    R210-3 6BT5.9(Big hole)   D6D 3306 6N7924
    R210-5 6D16   D7G 3306 4N9544
    R210-5 6D14   966D 3306 1W9383
    R210-7 6BT5.9(Small hole)   D8K D342 6N7203
    R215-7 6CT8.3   D5H 3304 7N4651
    R220-7 6BT5.9(Big hole)   D5 D333C 3306 4N8969
    R225-7 6BT5.9     3406 7C6609
    R290-3 6CT8.3     3306 219-9710
    R300-3 6CT8.3     3412 7C2485
    R300-5 6CT8.3   RHB6 4BD1 8-94418-3200
    R450-3/5 L10   TDO4 4BD1 49189-00540
    HD450 6D14   TD04 4BG1 49189-00501
    HD450 4D31   EX200-1 6BD1 114400-2100
    HD510/512 4D31 4   EX200-2/3 6BD1 114400-2720
    HD650 6D14   EX200-5 6BG1 114400-3320
    HD700 6D15   EX200-6 6BG1 114400-3770
    HD700 6D14   EX220-1 HO6CT 24100-1860
    HD700-5 6D31(Old)   EX220-5 H07CT 24100-3340
    HD700-7 6D31(New)   EX220-5   24100-2252B
    HD800 6D14   EX300-1 EP100 24100-1440
    HD820 6D34   EX300-2/3 6SD1 1144400-2961
    HD900 6D14   EX300-3C 6SD1TPD-S 114400-3340
    HD900 6D15   EX300-5/330-5 6SD1TQA 114400-3530
    HD1023 6D22   ZAX200/ ZX240 6BG1 114400-3770
    HD1250 6D22   ZAX330 6HK1 Direct injection 114400-3900
    SK120-1/2/3 4BD1/4BG1 49189-00540 EX300-7 6HK1  
    SK200-1 6D31(Old) ME088488 EX400-1 6RB1 114400-2080
    SK200-1 6D31(New) ME088256 49179-02110 EX400-3 6RB1 114400-3170
    SK200-3 6D31(New) ME088488 EX450-5 6RB1 114400-3360
    SK200-5 6D34 ME088840 49185-01030 ZAX330-3C 6SD1 or 6HK1 electric 114400-4380
    SK200-6 6D34 ME441234 49185-01020 ZAX240-3 4HK1 8973628390
    SK230-6 6D34 ME088865 49186-00360 ZAX250 4HK1 8973628390
    SK230-6E 6D34 49185-01030 ZAX450 6RB1 114400-3830
    SK330-6 6D16 ME078660 EX470 6WG1 114400-4440
    SK200-8 J05E 24100-4631 FE6 RHC6 210690 142O125613
    SK210-8 J05E 24100-4631A PC60 S4D95  
    SK250-8 J05E 24100-4631A PC100-1/2/3/5 S4D95 6205-81-8110
    SK260-8 J05E   PC100-6 S4D95  
    SK330-8 J08E   PC120-1/2/3/5 S4D95 6732-81-8102/359803 3539846 3804963
    SK360-8 J08E   PC120-6 S4D102 6732-81-8100
    SK350-8 J08E   PC130-7 SAA4D95LE-3 6208-81-8100
    SH120-1 4BD1 8-94418-3200 PC150 S6D95  
    SH120-2/3/5 4BD1 49189-00540 491789-00570 8972234280 PC200-3 S6D105 6137-82-8200
    SH200-1 6BD1 114400-2720 PC200-5 S6D95 6207-81-8210
    SH200-2 6BG1 114400-3320 PC200-6 S6D95 6207-81-8311
    SH200-3 6BG1 114400-3890 PC220-6 S6D102 6735-81-8031/8500 3539697/3539698/3539699/3539700
    SH260 4BD1/4BG1 49185-00540 PC200-7 SAA6D102E-2 6738-81-8090 4038475 4035373 4035374 4035172
    SH265 4D31-3 49178-00500 PC210-7 SAA6D102E-2  
    S280 6BD1 114400-1070 PC220-7 SAA6D102E-2 6738-81-8181/8190 3598036 4035899 4038471 4035376
    SH340 6BD1 114400-1070 PC200-8 SAA6D107E-1  
    SH300 6D22/ 6D24T ME158162 PC210-8 SAA6D107E-1  
    SH240-5 4HK1   PC22O-8 SAA6D107E-1  
    WA320-3 S6D1O8 6222-83-8120 PC240-8 SAA6D107E-1  
    WA320-3 SA6D102E 6736-81-8190 PC300 S6D125 6152-81-8110
    WA350-1 SA6D11O-1A 6138-82-8201 PC300-5/6 S6D108 6222-81-8210 6222-83-8171
    WA380-1 SA6D11O-1Q 6138-82-8200 PC300-7 S6D114 6743-81-8040, 4038421 3597311/2 3597808 3597809/10/11
    WA380-3 SAD108-1F 6222-83-818 PC360-7 SAAD6114  
    WA380-3 SA6D114 6742-01-3110 PC400 S6D125 6152-81-8500
    WA380-5 S6D114-2B 6743-81-8050 PC400-5 S6D125 6152-81-8210
    WA400-1 S6D110-1J 6138-82-8201 PC400-6 S6D125E 6152-82-8210
    WA420-2 S6D110-1W 6138-82-8200 PC400-7 SA6D125E-3  
    WA420-3 S6D114 6742-01-5000 PC450-7 SA6D125E-3  
    WA450-1 S6D125-1M 6152-81-8300 PC1000 6D107 6505-11-6250
    WA470-1 S6D125-1KK 6152-81-8310 D155 S6D155 6502-13-2003
    WA470-3 S6D125-1AM 6152-81-8310 D355 S6D155 6502-12-9005
    WA470-3 S6D125E-2 6152-81-8310 D375A-5   6505-61-5051
    WA500-1 S6D140-1 6505-11-6474 KTR110 S6D140 6505-52-5410
      S6D170-1D 6505-52-5510 KTR110 S6D170 6505-52-5540
      SA6D170A-1Q 6162-82-8201 D85 NT855  



    Product picture:

    3539697 3539698 Mechanical Spare Parts PC220-6 6D102 Korea Turbocharger 03539697 3539698 Mechanical Spare Parts PC220-6 6D102 Korea Turbocharger 1

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    Guangzhou Kinglebon Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

    Contact Person: Miss. Apple Li

    Tel: +86 18244902808

    Fax: 86-20-32233466

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